Follow Your Dreams

I am sure we all have heard this line so many times in our lives. But the point here is, “is it easy to follow your dreams”? How many people do we know who have done the same in their lives?

Let’s start from the beginning, and by that, I mean school time. This is the time when we come across a word called dream for the first time. At this age, we always tend to have more than one due to our vibrant nature. Such is the beauty of this age of innocence, we become obsessed with every idea we come across. When we grow a little bit old, it’s the time we start understanding our likes and dislikes and that leads to our ultimate goal. But the process of choosing one is not an easy job. We all are under the impression that choosing it is one’s own decision. But is it really? Doesn’t it depend more on our surroundings, family liking, and social pressure? It’s true that nobody is born knowing their goals. It’s the people around us who we meet on a regular basis plays a pivotal part in the process of choosing one. Dreams are not formed in a single day; it takes years for a person to understand what he or she was born to do. Most of the times our parents are only involved in the selection process. Ever since a kid is born, parents would make sure he or she is forced to dwell towards their dream naturally. And then starts the manipulative process of putting the same ideas in the kid’s mind so that subconsciously a kid would want to become what parents wanted him to be. And if it is not the family, then society will play the obvious role.Someone will always be there to distract him from his own vision. Hypothetically let’s say, a person follows the choice of his parents and get successful in it, but is that what he wanted to become in the first place, What about his own vision?

One of my childhood friends always wanted to become a journalist ever since he was old enough to think about his future but he chose the medical profession instead in order to make his parents happy. Now that he became a doctor and doing really good but for some reason, he is not happy with himself. When asked he said and I quote, “I still regret not going after what I wanted, given a chance I would not go against my wishes again. We only get one life and it is completely fair if we become little selfish in achieving what we desire instead of making others happy around us.

It’s not that we don’t want to make our family happy; it’s just that family should also learn to be happy with our personal choices. Most of the times we think to go along with their choices hoping we will find happiness in the end. But what if we never find it eventually?

We should never sacrifice our interests for anybody’s sake. Rather we can afford to be bit selfish when it comes to our choices. I am sure all the factors/people involved in it, can understand it sooner or later.

Going back to the main question in order to find out how difficult it is to chase the dreams. Let’s assume that a person has understood his vision. The obvious next step should be to understand the process which will lead him to it. But is it that simple, that one is clear about it and he goes after it. No, it is not this easy because there are so many other things also attached to one’s dream, it could be his capabilities to reach towards it, less money to invest on it etc but as long as your will is strong enough nothing can stop you from reaching the skies.

We need to constantly ask ourselves, “is it really worth doing something which does not make us happy”? I see a lot of people on a regular basis who are not happy with their jobs and career because it’s really not something which they wanted to do, it does not make them feel fulfilled and happy. So why do it only? It’s never too late to follow your dreams. If something doesn’t make you satisfied, quit it immediately and chase the things which will put a smile on your face. If the circumstance doesn’t allow you to do so, then give yourself a time to control it so you can do it later eventually. I am sure the road is full of bumps, difficult and looks impossible to start over from scratch but isn’t worth trying for?

Do not let anyone cut your wings and this includes the situation/circumstance too, always remember one thing that we were put on this earth to fly high!

We get one life only, why waste it doing something which the heart doesn’t want.