Is Your Life Full of Excuses?

How often do you find yourself making excuses, sometimes even for the smallest reason? Imagine a different scenario where you don’t make excuses and you just do it!

As I coach, train and write my business is exposed to different personalities. So too in my personal life, the diversity of those closest to me display a whole range of traits and behaviours. One thing remains common between both groups: excuses.

All too often we create obstacles to circumstances and situations that we feel impact on and affect our lives. Do they really? It’s easy to make an excuse; to put things off, to not attend this or that event… Why do we come up with a long list of reasons why we can’t do something?

Consider for a moment what language you use when you make an excuse. Do words like “can’t”, “won’t be able to”, and “maybe” and “try” sound familiar? These words put in your mind negative thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps you want to get a new job, start your own business, or recruit new staff. Do you then tell yourself, “I can’t find the time?”, “I don’t know if I will make a good manager?” or “Maybe now isn’t the right time?”

Here are my tips to stop making excuses and just do it:

* give a DEFINITE Yes or No response – no “maybe” or “try”

* train your mind and change your choice of words from negative to POSITIVE language

* set yourself a GOAL – take action NOW and ACHIEVE

* COMMIT to the 21 day rule and keep doing it

When you do commit you will achieve the results you desire. Once you accept that your choice has become a habit, you will feel that it is a positive and continuous part of your life.

Life is too short to wait for another day. Want to make things happen in your life? Fed up with your own excuses? Stop harping on about it, make it happen and just do it!