It’s Personal

I’ve been thinking about all the little ways I’ve failed over the years and what it was that made me pick myself up to start over and become the woman I am today. I’m sharing this with you so you can know that I am one who struggles to maintain success.

When we’re little, we have mostly successes – cheered on by our parents and teachers. Rarely are our failures pointed out; but then, we come of age and are slapped in the face of reality when we fall short of our potential.

One such experience for me was failing to make the cheerleading squad my freshman year of high school. After two years of cheering in junior high, I thought I was totally qualified and prepared to be on the freshman squad. I was devastated when I didn’t make it that first year of high school when three of my best friends and fellow cheerleaders did.

But then, I hung out with my cheerleader friends, worked out every day, practiced my jumps, splits and cheers and behold! I made the squad the following year.

Then, I slacked – big time. After two years of joyously cheering, I failed to make the senior squad. Well, my teacher evaluations that year were dreadful because I took to smoking, getting C’s in my classes and rising up to one of the lowest standards a teacher can imagine. This personal story still can bring tears to my eyes. It was one of the greatest and most painful lessons of my life. It could have been worse, of course, but at the time this was the most important activity in my life and meant the world to me.

Lucky for me that year they split the cheer squads into two semesters – one for football and one for basketball. I made up my mind that I was going to be on that basketball squad if there was room for me. So, I cleaned up my act, improved my grades and voila! I had the pleasure of cheering for our basketball team the rest of the year.

There’s humility in losing.

Then there was the time I failed my very first exam in college. I was like, “What? How could that have happened?” What I discovered was that there were certain things our professor wanted us to know – in the book – and I had to really know the book if I wanted to pass. So, I studied hard for the next exam and guess what? I not only passed, I got straight As that entire semester and graduated with honors.

Not bragging here, just saying what CAN be accomplished when you put your mind to a goal.

I’ve made mistakes with my husband and children and some of my friends. I’ve had to apologize and beg for forgiveness on occasions. In each instance, I’ve tried to make up for my indiscretions.

With all my failures and mistakes, I still have a really nice life. I have been successful in my jobs and relationships and I continue to work hard on the goals in my life.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I figure that you and I can relate a little better with each other if I am transparent and share the personal side of me. And you can see that my failures didn’t fail me. They propelled me to my next success. And your failures won’t fail you. They fuel you for your next success. And I want you to succeed in your business because I know that you bring health and wellness to the world.

There’s a will and a resolve in each one of us that supports us as we dream and build. While you are building your dreams and success, know that you have someone in your corner cheering you on – yep – me, the cheerleader! Remember to stay connected to your true self and you can’t help but be successful and live your dreams.