How to Win Lotto Using Your Inner Winner Potential

Lottery systems and strategies can reduce the odds and improve your chances of winning lotto prizes, but it also helps to have a good dose of lottery-winning attitude. In your mind, you have the power to make your thoughts a reality. If you can truly believe you are a winner, you will reinforce the winning patterns in your life.

Approach life with enthusiasm and optimism. Expect the best to happen for you. People who are naturally optimistic and enthusiastic usually are so because their past experience in attracting luck has been positive. Have you noticed how luck seems to surround people who have a healthy, cheerful, positive outlook on life?

Let me explain how the power of the mind influences your good or bad luck, according to ancient metaphysical teachings. Thoughts are charged with energy, especially when triggered by emotion. A negative thought attracts a negative response. Fear attracts exactly that which one fears. On the other hand, a strong desire for a particular goal that is charged with positive energy, attracts a positive response — especially when every effort is made to attain that goal.

Thoughts are actually things with shape and form which have been seen by clairvoyants gifted with astral vision. To illustrate my point, have you ever “lost” a thought when you walked into another room, only to reconnect with that thought when you returned to the room where the thought had first occurred to you? You were able to “remember” because the thought form was still intact in the room where it had originated.

When a thought form is not reinforced, it soon dissipates. But a thought that is constantly energized by repetition gradually takes on a power of its own. To be a winner, you must think of yourself as a winner. To be lucky, you must start to think of yourself as a lucky person. Think this positive thought several times a day. The more you energize a thought form, the stronger and more powerful it will become. Your winnings will increase along with your good luck –not only in the lottery, but in other aspects of your life as well.

Take the case of J.B., who won $124,013 in the Illinois Little Lotto on 03/12/04, and wrote to me:

“Reading your material made me believe that I would someday win. I never knew it would be so soon! I will be forever grateful for your research and for your motivating words. I live my life now feeling like a winner and believing in my hunches.

“I used the interactive Balanced Wheel® #3014 that you give away free on your Web site. After the drawing, I checked the winning numbers. When I saw I had them all on one line, I was struck with disbelief and excitement. I blinked and checked the numbers again.

“I was so excited I had to finally tell my husband what I was doing all those hours on the computer. I began by telling him that I had wanted to be a smarter lottery player and thought that there just had to be some research on ‘how to.’ I continued by telling him about my research on the Internet and that I had eventually found a system that I believed in. ‘I began playing this system off and on for a couple of months, I said, ‘and tonight I hit the Little Lotto for $100,000!’

” ‘You’re joking,’ he responded. ‘Why are you saying that? You’re kidding.’

“I immediately began explaining Gail Howard’s systems and strategies. He jumped off the couch and hugged me. He couldn’t believe it. I wanted to shout it out and tell everybody. I was on such a high after I won, I felt on top of the world. It gave me the confidence to feel like a winner.

“Now, when I feel down, I think of what made me feel so good that day and remember how it felt to be a winner. And I tell myself that I can have that same feeling again, anytime I want. It changed my life where I now feel like a winner. I found that I could put that feeling into play for anything else in life. When you believe you are a winner, you ARE a winner.”

J.B. did it backwards. In her case, it was the actual winning of a first prize jackpot that awakened her inner-winner potential.

If you have the love of family and friends, you have won the most important prize of all. If you have such love, you are truly a winner. And you can use that mental image of being a winner to help you in other areas of your life. If you can feel like a winner – it doesn’t matter whether it’s in love, friendship, health, business, career or the lottery – you can attract more of the winning forces to yourself.

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