Boredom – Is It Healthy?

According to Chambers Dictionary tenth edition being bored is ” a person, thing or activity that wearies; something that causes annoyance, a nuisance.” Therefore, to be bored doesn’t just mean to be in a dull state of mind but also to be tired of something or being annoyed about someone/something.

The state of being bored is called BOREDOM. Someone suggested this topic to me and I decided to write a piece on it. Most people if not everybody at one time or the other gets into a state of boredom (which could lead to so many destructive actions/attitudes) as a result of so many reasons that affects the day-to-day life of one. It is believed by most persons that one can only get into a state of boredom as a result of inactivity in their lives.

Boredom can arise from so much activity one tends to get involved in or doing something always. Boredom gotten from inactivity present in one’s live isn’t good for it tends to lead to isolation of the mind and brain from the process of thinking thereby, killing the confidence and thought process of the person (although this has no medical backing). And it’s common when people find little or no physical activity to occupy their minds with to begin to get bored and eventually get use to getting bored whenever they are less busy which can make living annoying to them. While we’ve those who can get bored from the over-indulgence of an action.

There are those who get bored from the busy activities life throws at them from all corners with any pause for breathe making them hyperactive leaving nothing new or exciting for them to take on. All in all, one should avoid a state of boredom for it implies that one is not capable to think, create and execute. Live a boredom free live.