Perfect Flower Essences for the Sensitive and the Empath

The other day, I felt besieged by feelings and pictures in my head of an earlier time and crisis. The emotions were so strong, I would have thought I was back there in that time period.

As sensitives, we do a great deal of spiritual work on ourselves to heal and clear. The good news is when the emotions and feelings are so close to the surface, then those leftover feelings are ready to leave. And when releasing it, those feelings are the strongest. I liken this to when you have a cut on your hand. It always looks crusty and yucky and even itches right before it finally heals. That’s good news. The problem is when we get lost in what we are releasing, all over again. There is no need to replay. That’s why there’s the tools of flower essences to help make the release gentler and easier.

I am often asked what flower essences are really good for Empaths and can help with this process. Here’s my favorites:

1. Calendula/Marigold. I discovered this one with the help of the Nature Spirits. It balances out what’s your stuff and what is others’. This one is also good to take to protect yourself while you are dealing with your own stuff, so you don’t add the weight of carrying others.

2. Yarrow. Any kind of Yarrow is great for the Sensitive. It’s protection in a bottle. It creates that nice bubble around you so you don’t feel bombarded from the world. When you are releasing, you are vulnerable and need a protective cocoon to allow you to heal.

3. Lavender. This flower was made for the Sensitive! Its healing qualities buffers your nervous system. We take so much in even in the course of a day. All the layers that are happening we see and feel. At the end of the day you need an un-ruffling.

4. Any kind of Rose essence. Roses carry a higher vibration, so that means they will uplift you and carry you up with them. That’s nice and needed so you don’t get lost in the negativity of what you are experiencing.

5. Salvia. Salvia is great for emotional calming. Emotions go along with high sensitivity, so I like this one for anytime I need calming down. Salvia will turn down the intensity of the emotions you are releasing, so they are doable.

How do you use a flower essence? Just put a few drops into your water for sipping or under the tongue, once a day. Flower essences are non-toxic and non-chemical, purely vibrational, so are perfect for sensitive systems and can be used anytime when needed.